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Power Point & Google Slides PD Workshops

Thank you for taking the time to look into the PhotoChé DOE Virtual Learning Personal Development page. Below you will find three demo classes using dynamic Power Point and Google Slides presentations over Zoom. 
Our workshops aim to offer two services:
1. 3 hours of PD workshops. 90 in Power Point and 90 minutes Google Slides. Both taught in classroom styled group settings.
2. 10 hours of personalized one on one instruction.  

Listed below are 3 short demonstrations of classes in session using Power Point and Google Slides via Zoom.

Professor Woods


This Google Slides Presentation uses large font and color coordination to help lessen the confusion associated with the topic of Exponents. 


This Power Point Presentation uses dynamic motion, vibrant colors and cartoon animation to hold the interest of young scholars. 


Fractions are one of the most dreaded subjects in math. Causing anxiety in ALL grade levels, student don't realize they use fractions everyday when they use money. This Power Point Presentation uses dynamic motion and vivid illustrations of US currency to help the lesson hit home.