Professor Ché Woods

A small story about myself. My name is Ché Sharif Woods. My parents were Black Panthers who followed the ideologies of Ché Guevera. The year I was born, an actor named Omar Sharif, played Ché Guevera in a movie name Che, and thus a star is born! LOL! My parents named me Ché Sharif and raised me to believe in the fight and the empowerment of our people. The method I've decided to use is education. I've been teaching in one form or another since 1996. In 1990, I dropped out of college to pursue a career in entertainment. I found myself auditioning for everything from Cockroach on the Cosby Show to lead dancer for Lisa-Lisa and the Cult Jam. Needless to say I got the latter. I spent all of the 90's up until the mid 2000's as Lisa's choreographer. During that time, in 1996, I opened a dance school in New Rochelle named Rhythm By Nature.  The school offered almost all forms of dance including Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Salsa, African, Ballet and even Break Dancing. All of which I had to teach at different times when an instructor was late or didn't show up. 

After touring the world as Lisa-Lisa's Choreographer, After running a dance school from 1996 to 2004, I decided to go back to college to study business. It was there where I learned all the things I did wrong while running my own business. It was there that I realized the purpose of college. In one semester, I figured out what took me thousands of dollars and years to learn through trial and error in business. It was there where I realized why so many businesses go out of business in the first 7 years. That trial and error period can be a killer. What college does, is circumvents the mistakes. It teaches the errors made in the past so that you don't make as many. 
I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to teach on a collegiate level. In 2004, I enrolled in Monroe College for my associates in Business. By 2005 I had completed my Associates Degree and was tutoring at the college in their learning Center. 

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